Callander Rd

Callander Road in Noble Park

The Callander Road service continues to provide support to people with a range of support requirements. Well-resourced to support people who have physical and sensory needs, staff work creatively with participants to engage in the way most meaningful to the individual. We have several participants volunteering for the council at the local parks and gardens and have recently commenced a paper delivery to enhance physical activity. Physiotherapy, music and other sensory activities are enjoyed by many.


The services on offer at Callander Road include:

  • physio
  • swimming
  • sensory activities
  • cooking
  • recreation activities
  • computers and an interactive whiteboard.


The best things about Callander Road are: 

  • there are touch screen computers
  • there is a trampoline
  • there are hoists, accessible toilets and a standing frame
  • there are court yards and places to retreat
  • there are large areas to move around in  
  • you can use the exercise equipment
  • there is a lot of specialised equipment
  • the staff are great!  


Get in touch!

49-51 Callander Road

Noble Park Vic 3174

call: 1800 274 343