Work and life skills

Gain the right skills to enter the workforce with confidence...

Lots of people want to get a job or live more independently. The Bridge Connects can support you to do this. We can help you develop your skills for everyday life.

This might include things like:
•    improving your reading and writing
•    learning to cook and prepare simple meals
•    getting out and about on public transport
•    using an ATM and managing your money.

Our services include a broad range of services and activities, across a number of locations that focus on helping you to develop new skills. We encourage everyone at Connects to contribute their ideas to the development of the activities offered.

Let us know what skills you would like to learn!


Furthering your skills

If you are interested in doing a course, computer training or literacy classes, we can help find the right course for you. If you attend one of our services or have individual support, we can help you work out which course you would like to do and help you get started.

Examples of some of the courses we have linked people to include:
•    Certificate III in Aged Care
•    Introduction to First Aid
•    Certificate II in Retail
•    Intermediate Computer Skills.


Take the Next Step

Next Step by The Bridge Employment focuses on supporting people with a disability to develop the skills required in the workplace.

If you want to get a job, but don’t yet have the skills or confidence, Next Step can help you.

Read more about the Next Step program.