Feedback from our families and participants

In December we asked participants and carers for their feedback on our day services, Your Supports and Getaways.  This is an important aspect of our ongoing service evaluation and helps us identify what we are doing well and any areas where we could improve.

It was great to see 161 people responding to the survey and some of the highlights were:

97% indicated their services and supports have helped them achieve their goals

89% were extremely or very satisfied with services provided

86% would recommend The Bridge Connects to other people


In terms of the impact of the activity’s that participants were involved in during 2019, the following outcomes were reported as achieved:

71% more independence

84% socialising

83% community participation

78% learning new things


“Our daughter is happy and looks forward to going to the service every day.  She checks her weekly schedule to know where she is going and what she is going to do for the days.  As a parent of a non-verbal participant we are guided by her enthusiasm.”

“All the staff we have dealt with have taken time to ensure they understand our concerns and more importantly act of them.  They followed up to ensure the best outcomes for our daughter were achieved.”

“Very happy and now more confident to explore other opportunities The Bridge has to offer like work type programs and courses.”

Whilst feedback from the survey was very positive it has reinforced to us that we need to continue to:

  • Ensure good communication with participants and carers.
  • Find ways to monitor the effectiveness of services in supporting participants to achieve outcomes.
  • Continue to ask participants and carers if there is anything we can do better.

The Bridge Connects welcomes feedback at any time during your involvement with our services. Please contact your Service Coordinator if you wish to provide feedback, or submit your feedback via the Feedback page of our website.