Support for families

The Bridge Connects understands the importance of family. In fact, our organisation was started by a committed group of families who wanted to make sure that their sons and daughters could engage in meaningful activities and have the potential to get a good job. So, we've been supporting the families of people with disability for over 40 years.

We offer families a range of important services:

  • Respite and taking a break, including recreation activities and weekends away. Please see our getting away page to find out more.
  • Opportunities for your son or daughter to participate in the community, develop skills and make the transition to employment if that’s right for them.
  • Highly qualified staff with excellent levels of service. 
  • Friendly environments and fun activities.
  • Support with planning, paperwork and funding.
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your son or daughter is receiving high levels of support, tailored to his or her needs.  

Download the 2019 Connects hoilday dates:

The Bridge Connects 2019 holiday dates - PDF


Karl and Kurt, brothers and great mates…

Super friendly, helpful and a happy young man, Karl has a wonderful sense of humour and greets everyone with a big smile. Karl lives with his older brother Kurt (who is his primary carer), and shares a close and caring relationship with him. Graduating from Noble Park SDS in December 2006, Karl came to Urimbirra, now The Bridge Connects Callander Road, in Noble Park. After 7 ½ years at Callander Road, Karl moved to the newly developed Douglas Street this year.

Karl loves to be involved in new things and was extremely excited to move to Douglas Street, he actively participates in Community activities, volunteering at Parks and Gardens on a weekly basis and a member of The Bridge Connects Client Sub Committee, Karl actively engages in meetings and typing of the minutes. Karl goes sailing on Mondays, plays Basketball and attends Drama on Wednesday. “Karl leads a very active life” his brother Kurt says, “but we like to be home bodies of a weekend, we love to entertain friends and watch movies.” Karl and his brother Kurt have fully converted their living room into a mega media centre, with full size movie screen, projector and surround sound system. “We love watching movies and playing games with friends. Karl is a great gamer, we both love the X Box.” Looking around Kurt and Karl’s home, it is the quintessential, welcoming and friendly, ultimate bachelor pad.

Karl is learning to read, budget and become more independent. “It’s really important that Karl is happy and feels he is able to look after himself” Kurt says, “The staff at The Bridge have been great in helping him do this. Since moving to Douglas Street he buys his Connects participantlunch each day.”

“No lunch boxes anymore,” Karl interjects, “I’m not a little kid.” Kurt and Karl’s next big plan is to build a granny flat for Karl in the rear of their family home. This will allow Karl to have his own space and be really independent. “We will continue to entertain, have meals in the house and watch our movies on the big screen” says Kurt.

“I have really seen Karl progress over the years, he has taken a lot more interest in his health, wellbeing and personal presentation. It has been great to watch him grow and learn I’m really proud of him. I know that he really enjoys his days at The Bridge and the staff are a fantastic support to him, I’m really grateful for the work they do” says Kurt. “Me too” adds Karl.