Support for individuals

Choosing what you want to do...

Sharing support with other people

Some of our services are offered to groups of people. These services are usually arranged for small groups in various places ─ either at The Bridge Connects or in the local community.

Some activities may have an additional cost. Connects will provide you with a list of the necessary fees and we can work out an affordable plan with you so that you can take part in the activities you are interested in.

When you call us, we will discuss the options available to you based on your circumstances.

Your Supports

Your Supports by The Bridge Connects provides one-on-one assistance to help you do what you want to do, when you like.

Individual support is available to people who have an individualised support package (this is sometimes called an ISP), or for those who can pay for the support independently.

Your Supports can assist you with:

  • making sure you have maximum choice and control over your support
  • making sure your plan reflects your goals
  • planning how to best use your supports and funding to achieve these goals
  • assisting you to self-manage your funding if that’s right for you.

It’s all about doing things your way!

Jade’s story

On my very first day at The Bridge Connects, I was very nervous, now two years in I’m very comfortable to express myself with others here at The Bridge. I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to make good friends but now I have.I feel comfortable that this is the place for me. The services here are flexible and I am happy that the staff will listen to what I want to do. Some activities I enjoy at Connects are art, music, and the relaxation program where I am learning relaxation techniques. We do Yoga poses which are really cool too!

I am very proud of myself as I can now go to the Plaza independently on Fridays, and I have recently joined the Drama group, Dramatts, run by Fusion Theatre. I’m really enjoying acting, people tell me I’m a natural!

Last year I started to access The Bridge Connects respite service and love going away on weekends with my peers. I also enjoy the movie day activities. I am really happy that I am able to get out of the house on weekends sometimes too.

I am feeling very happy and confident after joining The Bridge Connects.