Living your life

Staying healthy

We can help you to access specialist disability support, such as physiotherapy or speech pathology. Or, we can support you to access general wellness activities, such as massage, music, relaxation and exercise.

The activities we offer include opportunities to maintain your physical health and wellbeing. We can assist with these activities through your individual support package if that’s right for you.

Having fun

We offer a range of activities that include everything from swimming to mini-golf, drama to bush walking or going out to lunch with friends. If there is an activity that you’re interested in, we can try to make it happen!

Through our recreation activities, you can:

  • make new friends
  • express yourself through arts, crafts and music
  • develop and maintain your interests in the community
  • have fun
  • and much more!

Daniel’s story

A young man in the pool with his carer

Hi, my name is Daniel and I use The Bridge Connects two days per week. I go to the local pool on a weekly basis, to continue my physio program with my support worker, Gary. This is really important to me so I can continue to be fit and strong and stay out of my wheelchair for as long as possible. My support worker Gary is very important to and we have a great time together.

It has always been a dream of mine to go to the ballet and this year I realised that dream when I attended a Melbourne Ballet Company production of On Air, which I loved. I also joined a small group on an outing to Gumbuya Park where I enjoyed a BBQ, as well as meeting new people.

In the future I plan to use my funding for other fun activities and I look forward to enjoying many new experiences.