Over 16 years of dedication

Over 16 years of dedication

Nowadays Lyn can be found at Douglas Street, holding the jewellery making activities, where participants can be creative, make gifts 

for friends and family, as well as refine their fine motor skills. Jewellery making along with the many other activities Lyn has run over the last 16 years have brought her a great sense of fulfilment and enjoyment, “I started volunteering at The Bridge, when they were Options Victoria down at Callander Road” Lyn says “I had just retired from my office job after 20 years and wanted something useful to do, something that would get me out of the house and meeting new people.”

Living in the local area, Lyn applied for a volunteer opportunity with The Bridge and 16 and a half years later the rest is history. “I love it here, the staff and especially the guys are great.” Lyn says with a smile about the participants, “I’ve seen The Bridge go through so many changes and watched the clients grow up, it’s been really lovely.”

Also President of the Polio Support Group in the south east of Melbourne for the last 16 years, Lyn is an active ambassador for people experiencing life difficulties. At the age of six, Lyn herself was diagnosed with Polio and spent most of her life in callipers, that didn’t stop her though.  Growing up in Maffra, with a supportive and loving family, Lyn spent most of her childhood at Yooralla boarding home and got the best education possible. “In Maffra, there wasn’t much support or education for a child like me, so my parents did the best thing possible and sent me to Yooralla, it was great there.”

Lyn actively engages with refugees who did not have access to the Polio vaccine as part of her role with the Polio Support Group, “I help them with advice and information, as well as advocacy.” says Lyn, “back in my time there was no vaccine and that’s how I got it, but now science can help everyone.”


9 years ago, Lyn was awarded Senior Citizen of the year award by City of Greater Dandenong for her committed services to the local community. A well-deserved reward for her all hard work and passion, supporting polio suffers and supporting participants from The Bridge. “I love what I do, the people I meet, how I can help others, I love having a laugh with people.”

When asked, what is your favourite thing about volunteering at The Bridge Lyn can answer easily with one word “Friendship.”