Stawell St

Stawell Street in Cranbourne

The newest site for The Bridge Connects, Stawell Street opened its doors in July 2014.  Stawell Street caters to all people, including those who may have high physical support requirements. Connects Community Facilitators provide a range of activities aimed to develop and promote independence such as meal preparation and cooking and using public transport. Stawell Street provides a range of quality sensory based activities aimed to engage and stimulate each participant, activities will range from sensory based art to cooking and massage, as well as physiotherapy and armchair travel.


The services on offer at Stawell Street:

  • Computers
  • Sensory activities
  • Travel support
  • Horse riding/animal interaction
  • Cooking and ingredient shopping.


The best things about Stawell Street are: 

  • the opportunities to link with community
  • the location, which is close to the shops
  • it’s a small group environment
  • there are hoists and accessible toilets
  • our entry is secure
  • there is good access to public transport. 


Get in touch!

3 Stawell Street

Cranbourne Vic 3977

call: 1800 274 343